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Galvanized Stove Oven

Galvanized Stove Oven

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There is no warranty of Electronic or other fuel source items.

Bring baking at ease with the wonderful bakeware of the Bakehouse. Use this Stove Oven to bake everything easily at home.

Product Feature      

Galvanized Stove Oven is prepared with Galvanized steel and possesses durable efficiency. It can be adjust in the kitchen easily.

This stove oven can be kept at stove to heat up properly and bake different items in it.

Product Uses

Stove oven can be used to bake different items in it at cost effective price. Use it to bake cake, mouse cake, cupcake, lasagna, cheese pasta, Pizza and other items. It is really cost effective and can be used by placing at stove to give equal temperature inside it.

Bakehouse is a trusted name in baking industry. You may buy variety of Baking Ingredients and Baking Tools from us. You will find reasonable prices at Bakehouse in the baking industry. We deliver all over Pakistan.

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