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Milkyz Food Bavico Caramel Topping Syrup 1Kg

Milkyz Food Bavico Caramel Topping Syrup 1Kg

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Bring baking at ease with adorable bakeware of the Bakehouse. Use this topping syrup to decorate cakes, pastries, cupcakes, mousse cakes and other delicious desserts beautifully.

Product Features

Milkyz Food Bavico Caramel Topping Syrup 1 kg is made-up with real cocoa and corn starch. This bottle contains 1 kg of topping syrup in it.

This topping syrup is in caramel flavor. It has a long shelf life.

Product Uses

It’s a mouth-watering caramel topping syrup that enhances deliciousness of the different desserts. You can use it differently. Use it for topping of cakes and pastry and give an enhanced caramel taste. It can also be used for decoration of the mousse cakes, cupcakes, Milk shakes, Ice Creams and other yummy desserts.

Bakehouse is a trusted name in baking industry. You may buy variety of Baking Ingredients and Baking Tools from us. You will find reasonable prices at Bakehouse in the baking industry. We deliver all over Pakistan.

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