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Bake House Pure Cane Icing Sugar 1Kg Pack

Bake House Pure Cane Icing Sugar 1Kg Pack

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Make desserts sweetened in less time with icing sugar. Use this icing sugar that is in powder form and quickly dissolves with the buttercream, cake or Ice-Cream.

Product Feature      

Icing sugar is formed with the grinding of granulated sugar. It has less sweetness than normal sugar that is why used in more quantity than granulated sugar.

Product Uses

Icing sugar is used in the Ice-cream, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits, buttercream and other desserts. It is widely used in baking because it gets dissolved so quickly and batter for baking such as cake, cheesecake, mousse cake, donuts and biscuit need not to mix much. For such batters icing sugar is must.

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