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Decorating Floral Tape 2Pcs Set Green & White

Decorating Floral Tape 2Pcs Set Green & White

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Use amazing decoration for presenting gifts or cakes. Floral tape helps in binding in beautiful manner.

Product Feature      

Floral tape 2Pcs set is made-up of good quality plastic. This set includes 2 floral tapes of different colors.

Floral tape doesn’t use to stick and gift wrap but it itself get stick when it is bound around flower or any other stem like material.

Product Uses

Floral tape is a useful tool to decorate presents in beautiful way. It is widely used to bind flower stems for flower theme cakes. It gets itself stuck when flowers get bound. It gives adorable gift presentation when any gifts get presented. Any stem like material can be bound with its help giving beautiful presentation to the gifts.

This floral tape is also used for home decoration purpose. When flowers stem in vase gets bound with this floral tape, it gives fabulous shine to the room.

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