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Double Sided Cookie Cutter 3Pcs Set Plastic Rectangle

Double Sided Cookie Cutter 3Pcs Set Plastic Rectangle

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Give adorable decoration to the cakes, mousse cakes, cupcakes, muffins, brownies and other desserts using adorable cutter designs. Try this adorable double sided cookie cutter to decorate dessert beautifully.

Product Feature

Double sided cookie cutter is made-up of plastic. It has rectangle shapes at its both sides. Double Sided Cookie Cutter 3Pcs Set Rectangle works with 2 in 1 feature. One side has large size rectangle cutter and other has small and it further contains small size of rectangle piece in it.

Double sided cookie cutter is easy to use, clean and wash. It can be used more than once.

Product Uses

Double sided rectangle cookie cutter is used to shape fondant, sugar paste, modelling paste, cookie dough, clay, play dough, etc. in rectangle shape. Colorful geometrical shape made from the fondant decorates the desserts in beautiful and creative way.

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