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Bake House Royal Reddish Dutch Cocoa Powder 150gm Pack

Bake House Royal Reddish Dutch Cocoa Powder 150gm Pack

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Giving delicious chocolaty flavor increases deliciousness of the dessert. Dutch Cocoa Powder makes yummilicious Ice-cream, brownie, cake, coffee and many more.

Product Feature      

Dutch Cocoa powder is formed from the fermented cocoa. When fat of cocoa butter removes from the original cocoa. Dutch cocoa powder is richer in chocolaty flavor. It is a 1 kg pack.

Royal Redish Dutched cocoa powder 1 kg has a long shelf life. It may kept at room temperature at home.

Product Uses

Royal Reddish Dutch Cocoa Powder is used for many purposes. It makes yummy cakes, brownies, coffee, chocolate or coffee drinks and many more. Use of cocoa powder enhances deliciousness of the desserts and drinks.

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