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Silicone Mousse Cake Baking Mold With Texture Mat (Design 3)

Silicone Mousse Cake Baking Mold With Texture Mat (Design 3)

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Use this easy set of Mousse cake baking mold for delicious baking and creatively design the delicious dessert.

Product Feature      

Mousse cake baking mold with the texture mat is a complete set that not only useful in making mousse cake perfectly but also beautiful design can be traced with the texture mat. Mousse cake baking mold is made-up with the high quality hard plastic material and texture mat is prepared with the good quality silicone material.

Mousse cake baking mold is easy to wash and can be used more than once.

Product Uses

Mousse cake mold is used to make the mousse cake, cake, Swiss roll, etc. in the perfect shape. Texture mat attached in this set is to decorate the dessert with beautiful design.

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