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Prestige BakeMaster Round Cake Pan Non Stick

Prestige BakeMaster Round Cake Pan Non Stick

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Use amazing bakeware of the Bakehouse to doddle baking. This round pan non-stick helps in making perfect shape of the cake, cheesecake or mousse cake.

Product Features

Round Cake Pan Non Stick is made-up with best food grade non-stick material. It remains eco-friendly to bake in a non-stick pan. This non-stick material is high heat resistant and oven safe.

Round cake pan is easy to use, clean and wash. It can be used many times to put it into the microwave or oven.

Product Uses

Round Cake Pan Non Stick is used to make perfectly shaped cakes. It is widely used to prepare cakes, cheesecakes, mousse cakes and other desserts. Nonstick surface makes it easy to remove the baked dessert from the round pan.

Bakehouse is a trusted name in baking industry. You may buy variety of Baking Ingredients and Baking Tools from us. You will find reasonable prices at Bakehouse in the baking industry. We deliver all over Pakistan.

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