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Adjustable Smoother Polisher Large Plastic

Adjustable Smoother Polisher Large Plastic

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Use wonderful tools of the Bakehouse to doddle cake detailing. Use this adjustable smoother polisher to beautify delicious cakes perfectly.

Product Feature      

Adjustable Smoother Polisher Large is made-up with 100% food grade quality plastic. This adjustable smoother polisher is 9.5 inch long. This set also contains an adjustable rod of plastic to fix smoother in it.

Smoother polisher is easy to use, wash and clean. It can be used more than once.

Product Uses

Adjustable smoother polisher makes cake icing perfect. Just adjust smoother in the plastic rod, place cake under it and move he turntable. It makes cake icing perfect and smooth that further remains convenient for topping.

This smoother polisher is large in size. It is helpful in perfect icing of the cakes heighted up to 9 inch.

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