Wheel Fondant Cake Embosser Blue

Wheel Fondant Cake Embosser Blue


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You can creatively design your desserts using a fondant cake embosser. Wheel fondant embosser is one of these amazing cake embossers. It beautifully designs your cake, mousse and other desserts. Following are the features of wheel fondant cake embosser:

  • Wheel fondant embosser is handy in designing cake, mousse, cupcakes, pastry and other yummy desserts.
  • Wheel cake embosser is used to creatively shape fondant, marzipan and gum paste.
  • Wheel fondant cake embosser is hygienic in use because it does not harm the human body.
  • Wheel fondant cake embosser is available in blue color and its size is 15cm 8 8cm.
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Dimensions22 × 12 cm


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