Fish Tail Fondant & Cookie Cutter 2Pcs Set

Fish Tail Fondant



To give an amazing look to your cakes, pastries, panna cotta, cup cakes and other desserts, using fish tail fondant cutter is best choice. You can design the desserts with the lovely tail shape of fondant for your kids. Features of the fish tail fondant cutter are given below: ? Fish tail fondant cutter can shape your decoration in a fun loving way attracting your kids towards your crafted recipe.
? Fish tail fondant cutter is used o design the fondant, marzipan, etc. in the lovely tail shape.
? You can use fish tail fondant cutter again and again to decorate your desserts.
? Fish tail fondant & cookie cutter 2Pcs set provides large and small sizes both.

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Dimensions31 × 11 cm


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