Welcome to Bake House

Our Mission

We have explored new ways for the people to come and shop baking accessories in very cheap cost. There is no place where in Pakistan from where people can buy baking accessories easily. Hence, we have the mission:

To provide more opportunities to make baking easier for the common man

Our Vision

Currently, around 1% of the Pakistani population is engaged in baking. In fact, this static involves all the bakeries. Our vision accelerates from this small quantity of population that bakes:

  • Enable 10% of the Pakistanis to bake independently.


We want to make it easy for the people who want to bake and do not get products easily in the market. With this, mission we have developed our simple and straightforward strategies:

  • To bring cost of baking tools as much as low a common man can even bake
  • Baking will not remain heritage of elites only but a common man can bake without any difficulty.
  • People can easily get baking accessories at their door step as well as in the mart
  • Minimizing profit of the company and give accessories at the affordable cost.